SSE NF96XI-2 Adjustable RF Notch Filter, 75 - 190MHz
For Pocket - Mobile,
Base Scanner-Receivers, etc.
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RX from Approximately 40MHz to 2000MHz

Do you hear Paging Tones, Voices, Music, etc. on the same frequency that you are listening to..?
If so, you should use the SSE NF96X1-2 Filter to help you eliminate them!
The 96X1-2 is made in a high quality powder coated zinc box, using professional BNC Socket. Very high rejection of all HF Short Wave Bands is obtained. A BNC-BNC 50 OHM Patch Lead is supplied, together with full instructions.

33.50 inc. P/P in the UK

Made in Southampton, England
• Insertion Loss: <1dB
• Notch Attenuation: -40dB
• -60dB Attenuation Below 1MHz
• Receive Range Approx: 2000MHz
• Impedance: 50 Ohms
Connectors: BNC ( F ) x 2

1. The NF.96XI-2 Filter offers an adjustable notch frequency between 75 - 190MHz. A minimum of -40 db
(Volts Loss x 0.01)
attenuation is available over the range of 75 - 190MHz. i.e. The FM Broadcast Band 11.
2. The NF.96XI-2 allows you to use your wide band receive up to approximately 2000MHz. A great deal of attention has been given into achieving a minimum of insertion loss (ISL) through this filter. i.e. A minimum receiver sensitivity loss! Less than <1 db (Volts Loss x 0.089 or 11%). THIS ALLOWS THE NF.96XI-2 TO BE LEFT PERMANENTLY IN LINE!
3. The NF.96XI-2 also provides a static/noise discharge path to ground and also functions as a high pass filter (HPF), thereby reducing interference from strong short wave stations. The NF.96I-2 offers -6 db (Volts x 0.51 or 50%) attenuation at 20MHz falling to around -60 db (Volts x 0.001) at 1MHz.