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Antenna Combiner, Signal Splitter-Power Splitter: 2 Way 50 OHMS: BNC
These products are used to divide an Input Signal into TWO Output Signals. Fig. 1
Important Parameters: (1) 50 OHM Impedance at A, B and C. (2) Through Loss: About 3.4 db (Total), i.e., approximately Half-Signal from A to B and A to C. (3) Isolation: Approx. 30 db from B to C. (4) Frequency Range: Depending on your requirement.
NOTE: There is NO such thing as a “NO” Loss Divider. You can not get Something For Nothing! All SSE (UK) Splitters on offer are manufactured by Professional USA RF Companies, such as Mini-Circuits, Merrimac and MA-COM-Tyco.

Other frequency ranges and other RF Sockets available. Check SSE HOME PAGE, 2A or ring 02380-769598 for more info.

• MERRIMAC. PD-20-250, 10 to 500MHz (Fully Tested)
• Isolation: Approx. 30/32 db.
• Price: £28 inc. P/P in the UK
• BNC/N Female Sockets. Short RF 233/u BNC, 50 OHM Double Screened Cable, 23cm/9” Supplied FOC.

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